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Developments in Life

Recently, a box of pictures were sent to my sister who lives in another state.  They came to her as a result of  deceased family belongings.   These pictures taken some years ago.  The expressions were strained and included was the only picture that I now own of my mother holding me in her lap when I was a little girl.  My mother  divorced  my father and she  received custody of  my sister  who is a little more than a year older than me. My brother  and me stayed and  lived  with my father’s people.  My mother had come for a visit once.  The words  I said to her 55 years ago,  were retrieved from my memory upon looking at this picture. “Mommy, where have you been”?  My mother is now eighty five and we share a relationship that amazes most, even me.  And so, when she saw these pictures and remembered the words that I too remembered, it was a blessing to me.

I have taught a course in the art of extracting the story from old photos to reserve the memory contained.  I thought that I had developed a sense of what was important to get a story that lay dormant in memory cells and make them come alive.  Sometimes the photo is not about the moment it was taken, perhaps more so about what developed before and after.  I now lay these pictures out on my desk and stare at the faces and think hard on the developments of life, but also realize that what is important takes place now. And so, these photos can act as a backdrop not to occupy too many current cells as I need those for joy.

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I’ve always been a fabricolic.  Even as a little girl, I would collect pieces of fabric to use for window curtains in a doll house or for some decoration or another.  When I married for the second time in my life, we consolidated clothing and in doing so I found myself the proud owner of my husband’s work shirts of days gone by.  They are not of current fashion, nor are they useful in size anymore, however the fabric be it striped, plaid or solid are still of some use.  So I placed them in a bag for a decision could be made later.  Now I am a quilter.  I just completed my first quilt and placed into our guild show.  The first had to be of a fine new fabric which I chose for their coordination with the colors in my home.  The shirt fabric still awaits me and I find the mind playing the blocks and pieces out to fit the next quilt that is designed by me.  I think that quilting works as a tool for things we need to mend in the heart and in the mind.  So many women and also men are quilters and all arrange their work in so many patterns that it seems as though we create by our minds but the labor is from the heart.    When a quilter chooses a kit or creates the design there is an apparent connection to the art of the matter.  I should say that we all look at these pieces of fabric from a different angle depending upon your mind’s eye.  I like to look for the creative side, as my husband will look for the design itself, others are attracted to the skill of sewing.  I have not been doing this craft very long and as I grow with the knowledge from those who come before me, I enjoy the feeling of knowing that the plan was there  a long time ago, and now all I need to do is put the pieces together!

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Go West

Rocky Ocean (click on for video)



It has been a long while since I posted on Krazykin, and I have missed it terriby, like you would miss a good friend. We have been on the go to see some beauty and nature. Also, we went to see our children and grandchildren. These things too are so important. This trip took us to the west coast and the terrain there was spectacular. An ocean with huge rocks that stabilize the whole picture surrounding Oregon. The Rogue River gave new meaning to a river stone massage with its beauty of flora and fauna. Little black bears climb to find mama and an eagle soars in command of his presence The Redwood forest has always been a favorite of mine and to feel really small with the sun’s ray on your shoulder is a gift. The wine country is a blessing to visit and whether you enjoy the beverage or not does not matter as the feeling of the vines envelope you with their pleasure of growth by design. Lakes, and bays in California give a sum of many abundant foods and the life that lives there provides an energy of a certain kind. It is not an energy from the stress of work as much as when you are done your job, the atmosphere of sun, water and beauty of land give back to you. This trip was balanced with visits to see friends who live there as well and this made the trip complete for us. Then again, there is no place like home!