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It was a rare occasion without a theme other than enjoying the moment.  It was rare because we never really enjoyed each other socially.  It was because we were all so different in nature.  Peg is a personality and people love to be around her.  Debbie, is my oldest sister, and connects us to our family tree.    I  in the middle; achieving balance is my goal and sets me apart from the extreme tones that were set for us when we were young.  With bluegrass music, some liquor which warmed  and relaxed our stiff nature with each other, it was a sweet  moment in time.

sisters 001

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Perhaps this has been a difficult year for you  –  maybe someone close has died – or maybe a relationship that was very important in your life has ended – perhaps  your overwhelmed and stuck in fear due to the fast pace of life, or the tone in your teenagers voice or the role you’ve now become in the relationship with your parents  or adult children.  While everyone else is focused on the New Year, new cars, computers and new bodies, you just want a new feeling, “ A Good One”.  And, you realize that material things will not take you there.  Perhaps you don’t understand who you are anymore and would like to be in touch with yourself this year.   Perhaps you are not alone and this is the year to get clear on some of the issues that keep you from living your life.  Perhaps a simple walk,  someone who understands, a creative project or an outline of long term goals can help.  Perhaps……………………A Happy New Year  2014