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Christmas 2010, a time to render

This year has been difficult.  We suffered great loss of friends who passed. It is painful to watch those who are left behind and those of us who will remember. Also, it has been  a time of great joy as my son married and he and his new wife already have their  first child.  It has been a struggle to live with the battle of the political arena knowing that what is to come will  impact  the future, and the future begins now.  All of us live with our constant adjustments to accommodate the changes.  Our children who are grown and in the workplace shift to  make their lives move in the direction that they wish to go, and this direction is not always geographically aligned with ourselves. Friends suffer with financial loss, loss of home, friends seriously ill,  and concerns linger.   I was told once that the heart can grow an additional artery to make up for a collapse of another artery that will not perform well enough to get the job done.  I remember thinking how utterly amazing our bodies are.  It does not stop there,  our minds are just as amazing as is our spirits.  We continue to continue.   And nothing about this process is new.  The one given is that if we can get through today , then tomorrow may bring forth new meaning.  Sometimes it takes a while to get to tomorrow, but it generally comes when the spirit yields to whatever it is fighting.   As I gather my thoughts this Christmas, and believe me it means effort to do so, I find that the gifts that I prepare to give are more thought out with regard to the person who will receive it.  I am seeking to achieve a different kind of giving.  I want to know that although we live in the era of material abundance , we can still obtain a meaningful result by focusing on what is and will always be cause for living.  The absolute purpose for our existence is to love each other.   The tree, decorations, wrapping of gifts, baking and traveling to visit those are all in the spirit of the love.  And this makes me feel good.   So with this in mind, I move  forward to a  new year and   wonder about the stars in the sky if they are moving as quickly through time as we.  I also feel that the joy of our existence even in times of stress will  give us something.   It gives us  an opportunity to think about what life is  and render the release of this goodness to ourselves  and those we love.  It’s a tall order, but an opportunity none the less. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.