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Come my Friends

Soon,   there will be a departure of  friends from our town.  For a variety of reasons , it is time for people to  go to another place to live.  Some will go to be closer to their   family, and some will go to an  area that will work better  for them now.   Whatever the case,  this adjustment requires that the heart  and  emotion that goes into  getting to know someone will need  a  reset.     As happy as we are for others who follow their dreams, we will sincerely miss them,  and see the holes that are left behind.   It is difficult to access  how much someone is in the fabric of  your life until they have moved away,  and then you find that the memories will come to the forefront and fill the spaces.    Relationships  that are  flexible to life have  a growth factor built into them and can remain  current over time.   Those friends that I have known in another time of my life still work and I can catch up with a phone call of what is happening today.   The social media  of Facebook and the like,  provides a great  source for keeping current with friends and family that move out of the circle of  your  life and it is wonderful to have this tool  of sharing the everyday.    Well,  we will celebrate their new path and gather our moments gone by , and  truly remain grateful for each soul that has come our way.   Each of us has given   the other something through the exchange of friendship.    So,  whatever  that something is that I have found with you my friend,  I am pleased to have known you and will continue to be so.