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Creature of uncertainty

Recently,  my husband and I began to discuss our plans for the winter.  Where to go, how long, stay in one place or visit different locations and different friends?  All of them good questions with multiple answers.  As you know, all of us have options and sometimes it is difficult to separate and pinpoint what it is the  best one.  I sometimes use the Ben Franklin approach which requires us to use logic and count up the pro and then the cons to this question and then go with the pros on the subject.  Well what if there are an equal number of answers or if in these times things are just to risky to move forward with what appears to be the right answer?  The gut instinct is another useful tool  for deciding something that comes  betwixt to the mind.  The relationship to the mind is the most important tool that we have in our possession  and the choice to be honest will always take you to the place you want to be,  but not without a cost of compromise to someone or something.  In my case, it would be my cats.   I am not a person who dotes on the animal verses people, however I am responsible to them and their care.  If you have had or have a pet/pets then you will probably relate to my feelings on this matter, if not then it may be a stretch for you to wonder why animals who sleep 17 hours a day would need any more than a  bowl with food and water, plus a pan for production.   It is just not that simple.  There is a strong bond between the owner and the cat and a sense of abandonment comes daily when the cat notices that this person has not been around lately so the animal  becomes anxious.  This will lead to other behavioral activities which are not all to the owners liking and will cause chaos in the household.      The guilt of leaving these animals without proper care in the winter months has cost me sleep and many objections to our plans.  The thought of transport became even more worrisome because people who had tried to take their cats, who are indoor and never go out accept to the vet,   on a two day journey in the car needed to medicate them.   Well,  this was not helping to make the decision we needed to make so that plans could be secured at our chosen destination.   Then, I  found a card that addressed this problem.  It  has the subject of a cat ( not mine)  on the front.   As I gazed upon this picture,  I then interpreted  this:

The stunned, frightened, and fixed look of  this  feline  denotes instinctual  uncertainty,   and   shock of  whatever lies ahead.

On that note ,  I realized that  I was truly projecting my feelings ( as they say in psychology land).

So I have found a wonderful person to mind  my  cats, our trip is planned and all is right with the world.  Of course,  I probably still need to address the question of “How did I come to this place”?