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first haircut

First haircut

Lifted up and  then placed into the chair the eyes began to expose a fear of the unknown.   The little muscles in her legs tightened to brace for a certain sense that had never been experienced before.

Although there were  oohs and aahs coming from  Mom and the lady who had taken me to her space,  I wasn’t sure if this was where I wanted to go.

The lady, my Moms friend,  began by spraying something into my hair.  I think it was water.   Then she  told me to look up and as I did ,  I felt the hair falling into my lap.  What is she doing?  And why is my Mom letting her cut my hair?  Snip, snip, snip, snip,  then combing.

Wow,  is that me in the mirror ?  I look so different now!  Will  my sister recognize me?  Can I get down now?  Yes, I will take a lolly pop.  That was stressful.