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Go West

Rocky Ocean (click on for video)



It has been a long while since I posted on Krazykin, and I have missed it terriby, like you would miss a good friend. We have been on the go to see some beauty and nature. Also, we went to see our children and grandchildren. These things too are so important. This trip took us to the west coast and the terrain there was spectacular. An ocean with huge rocks that stabilize the whole picture surrounding Oregon. The Rogue River gave new meaning to a river stone massage with its beauty of flora and fauna. Little black bears climb to find mama and an eagle soars in command of his presence The Redwood forest has always been a favorite of mine and to feel really small with the sun’s ray on your shoulder is a gift. The wine country is a blessing to visit and whether you enjoy the beverage or not does not matter as the feeling of the vines envelope you with their pleasure of growth by design. Lakes, and bays in California give a sum of many abundant foods and the life that lives there provides an energy of a certain kind. It is not an energy from the stress of work as much as when you are done your job, the atmosphere of sun, water and beauty of land give back to you. This trip was balanced with visits to see friends who live there as well and this made the trip complete for us. Then again, there is no place like home!