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Happy Father’s Experience

          When a man becomes a father it is a profound experience.   I know that this is true for women too but it is more of a  physical one.   Men realize their mortality through this event.  It is suddenly a reality that they exist and the child is proof.   I truly believe it changes their brains in a good way.  BJWrites

So,   I have given you this hypothesis and I know that you think “What”?

But please indulge me for a moment.    I have watched men who became  fathers  and believe me, they are transformed.  Some will convert this reality into fear and responsibility that will overwhelm them.  But for the men that I have known that are worthy of mentioning today,   they’ve grown  a new sense of themselves , who they are and what purpose they will serve in life.   Dad’s become gentle in a way that doesn’t seem normal at first but then they start to enjoy themselves that way.  Also, they become silly as the child grows allowing them to go to the child within, you know the one we put away when we grow up and go into the world.

But there is another feature to Dad.   He now must take on certain responsibilities in the life of this child and or his children.    First,   he must fix things that are sometimes not fixable.  Second, he must learn from someone who is not yet experienced in life, but has a perspective all their own   and it is the Dad’s challenge to try and understand this as they grow.   But most importantly, I think it is huge for the Dad to guide his child through the uncharted waters of life.    It seems that this last one ties into the nature of animals of many types.

Well, those are my thoughts and I believe that it is an honor to be a Dad.  There isn’t really a definition in the dictionary that describes what a Dad is other than a male parent;    however, I think this one works,

Hero:  man who does or is admired for, a courageous or noble deed.  BJWrites