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To Recognize or not to recognize

National Music Festival

Recently,  I attended the National Music Festival  in Chestertown  .  There are some perks to living in a small town.   Going into the building, I remarked to myself  that  I  could  recognize  everyone by name, and I literally mean everyone.  As the people passed by,  I would greet each with a smile and a hello.    It is that way here.   So when you go to a Doctor or a food store ( we only have the Acme ) or to the Ace  hardware  store, or perhaps church.  The other places are downtown at Fountain Park, or the post office , bank  you will recognize  the same people  again and again.

Sometimes,  It would be nice not to be recognized.  In fact, I like to go to places and wonder around and not have anyone recognize me.  Does this make me weird?    This way , things present themselves as new.   I  will  not know my reaction  to my  environment.   A clean experience , if you will.  BJWrites

This reminds me of a TV Show currently on Lifetime network called Drop Dead Diva . If you have Netflix you can also watch back episodes there if you’d like. Anyway, the show has a storyline of a young woman ( larger body type and very smart )  who dies and assumes the body of  a shallow but beautiful model.  It is a good concept and a good program because  the contrast of the two character become one  giving us, the audience the opportunity to see both sides.   I am not wishing for this scenario in my life!

I suppose this is why the social network is working.  People get to remain behind their  curtain  with opinions on the screen.   Identifiable only by screen name.  This is one way not to be known but still have a voice.  Can we remain true to our voices this way?  BJWrites