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Mother’s Day

It has been a while since I posted.     My life has been busy as is most lives these days.   My Mom called to say she was sick and throwing up and we thought it was the flu. Turns out she was about to have another big heart attack.  She had a blockage on both sides of the heart as well as the valve and aorta are calcified.   This all can be summed up as she could go through replacements  of these parts of the heart but the risk of a stroke is very high because the calcification would most likely break off and go through the bloodstream.   They were able to go to one side and open up the blockage with a stint  which is common these days.   Now she is in a rehabilitation center where she will attempt to get stronger.   Bone on bone knees,  and weak from surgery as well as  a post hemoglobin has her unable to walk around and get the circulation needed to help the heart function correctly.   That said,  she still has most of what she needs to think and feel.  She is interacting with nurses and staff and loves to get to know them.  She can relay their life as if it were her own with this is Mary who comes from West Va. who has a son and he is a doctor and her daughter has six children.  She can even tell you their names.   While other people at this stage of life linger  without memory of their own life , my Mom seems to hold it together mentally as her body fails.   Doesn’t seem fair either way, and most of all we do not get a choice.   But this much I do know.   Whatever relationship you have with a person who is at this point in their life it becomes their world to have you there.  So I will go to New Jersey and take her some lunch and listen to the stories she has collected during her stay at the hospital and now the rehab center.   I am glad that she knows who I am and that I can go to see her.