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Peas in a Pod

Father’s Day is coming.   So, what to give to the many wonderful fathers that I know becomes the reoccurring question in my mind.   I love the element of surprise so I try to maintain some memory if an item was mentioned that is something nice to give for the present.    I’ve already ordered something for my husband who is a great father who believes that this holiday is a bunch of hoopla to sell cards.  He is most likely correct; however he will get new shoes that he mentioned anyway.   My son and stepson are around the same age in their late thirties.  I find myself wanting to buy Legos or hot wheels or perhaps the Star Wars cookie cutters in the Williams- Sonoma catalog.  That is because as a mother I can relate to their little boys better than the men they are today.   I ask my son if he had any particular wants these days and his answer was similar to that of my husband ,  “a card will do”.    So, I will now go hunting for a message that says something funny or a simple I love you.   While gathering thoughts for this celebration, I came upon a pea pod with three peas while I shelled some the other day.   My son and his wife had a saying when they got married that they were two peas in a pod.  He even purchased her a necklace that was a symbol of that message.   They now have a baby girl.  As I looked upon these fragile peas so delicate in their early stage of life I could not help but reflect the similarity in stage.    Most of the peas where in a series of six or more and here were these little three peas in a pod.   I   believe that as we strive to give our children the best that life has to offer, they in return will render gifts beyond our imagination.    Enjoy!