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I am not quite sure where I am going with this one.  I have been thinking a great deal about the spirit of things and how we are all connected by the same spiritual thread, like it or not.   Perhaps that is the matter for which we as humans exist?  It all makes sense and yet we are so individual and strive to become more so in the process of determining our own destiny choosing careers and lives that will compliment who we think we are. At the same time  companionships  that  lead us to families and friends  bring us to find out more about who we truly are,  through experiences,  we achieve our light  from within and can see the many facets of our personality.  Some of this personality is considered good to us, and some can give of problems in life such as anger that is carried over from  another experience  or just a stubborn nature.  So then it is up to us to tame our spirits as we grow older and adapt them to a life that lends itself to less resistance and a  more willing spirit allowing the process to unfold us in a natural way rather than a fight or flight mode.  However, if that is not “our” spirits way then is that to say that we will learn the same lesson by succumbing to  a more willing stance?   I often wonder what makes us all so different that we are more or less willing to accept what we cannot change or to make the correction that we feel is needed. Take the great spiritual leaders  Mother Theresa or Gandhi for example.  What gave  them the drive to do what others could not see possible?   Our spirits denote many things and set the tone for our lives and each as I said earlier is completely different and yet we all bond by nature to one another regardless of race , age or sex.    Those  who are born with challenges  such as Downs Syndrome, Schizophrenia, or one of the many  other afflictions that can come to us,   requires inner wisdom  to make the journey. This wisdom must be earned in the way of   some form of revelation.  Music , art and words can identify  the spirit’s desire to give and take love.  Yet  the spirit can also turn on itself  and grow towards what  is seen , as an unnatural place and very damaging to the soul.     Questions,   regarding the spirit are incredibly rich with possibility.   I sincerely pray for goodness to enter your life and for peace to come to the world at this time.