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The Big Ocean


The expression was that of delight mixed with confusion.   Her tiny nose wrinkled and twisted adjusting to the tickle and the splash of the salty water.  One part excitement and one part fear.   She was in Daddy’s arms but well aware of the Big Ocean as a new element in her life.    My granddaughter is not yet two years old and just had her first experience with the ocean and the beach.   She fared well as kids do because it is a great fit being allowed to splash and be wet and then get sandy.   The sun and wind on your body feels, well, it feels wonderful!    Can we simply take our minds back to that point where we first   experienced this?   All I know is when I get there it is truly a pleasure of no other kind.    Of course, there is the instinct that tells us that there is a power in the water that we do not understand.  A power so strong that can pull us away from ourselves and into an unknown place.  So we stay on the beach and play in the sand building and watching the tiny creatures crawl or the seagulls who want a piece of our sandwich flying down towards us.   It is an amazing environment and we find it to be a most natural space.  Not all people like the beach but I would say that most do.  And most people associate with the childhood memories of playing and eating our ice cream or fruit.  Our  Mom,  Dad’s and Grandparents who make sure we have our creams and hats or  that we  lie down to take a little nap, which is a serine time that gives the body what it needs.   Then we go about walking and playing ball or it must be time to go back into the water for a big splash again.  When I am tired from the waves, I can wrap up in a big towel and sip a cold drink and someone will read me a story.   Maybe daddy will take me in the water again.