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The Story of Miz T and Silverbeard

Ms T and Silverbeard by Barbara Harbeson |

Once upon a time in a land known as Great Oaks  there was a woman named   Miz T.   One day the darkest clouds passed over her home and a stream of lightning struck so hard that Miz T thought that the earth had broken into pieces.  She ran to the window and then to the porch to see what had happened  and suddenly realized that it could not be seen with human eyes.  Her daughter Neena ran to be with her Mother outside because she too felt the crack of lightning, and didn’t understand what it meant.  So, Miz T took her daughter’s hand and they walked steadily from that day as to feel safe from what they were sure was a crack in the earth. As time moved forward, Miz T and Neena began to sing songs to ease the uncertainty of that time.  Neena read books and told stories while Miz T tried to find answers to the question – Would the sky ever be safe again?  At night she would peek out the window and look up to find stars that were no longer there and sadness would move over her that she never knew existed.

Miz T heard that there was a place called KISS, where Kindness is Sincerely Sweet and this was what she needed now.  So, she set forth to find this place.

Miz T journeyed to a land unknown and asked many times if she was near a place called KISS, but was disappointed with the answers she received.   One day in passing she encountered a man.  This man went by the name of Silverbeard and Miz T had never met anyone like him.  She felt certain that he would know something about where she could find KISS.  However, before she could ask him the questions, Silverbeard asked Miz T to take a walk with him down to the water and she agreed not truly knowing why.  When they reached the waters edge, it was sunset and Silverbeard told Miz T of his journey and how he too had experienced the lightning and a fright on this earth.  As they talked the sky darkened and became night and as they both looked up, they saw that the amazing stars were connected and that this was what held the sky tightly together.

It was very apparent to Miz T that she had found the place she was seeking, the place where “Kindness is Sincerely Sweet”.  Miz T and Silverbeard went back to Great Oaks, and Neena was glad to see her Mother with  this man, Silverbeard.   Their journey had found each other and yielded a love to last many starry nights together and a moon to glow and watch over all.  And yes he really does have a Silverbeard; however, Miz T now goes by J.U. (Just Unbelievable).