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The Wonder of Boating

The Wonder of Boating by Barbara Harbeson |

As most of us learn by a certain age, life is full of mystery.

Being a single woman of almost 20 years and on my own, I wished for the proverbial partner. Someone I could love, cherish and share the beauty of life. My wish came true, and we were wed 12 years come this September. The question still remains… Why a boater?

I am a person who prides herself on “trying “to walk steady on land. I’ve always stayed clear of deep water and in my attempt to swim, well let us say that it appears that I resemble a frog.

So, to mingle my life with that of a boater does appear to be odd. First, He suggested we look for a strong boat, something I would feel safe on, perhaps a Trawler. What is a Trawler, I say?

We began our search in the Solomon’s Island at a Trawler fest. We made a purchase and I still find myself in a head shaking dilemma. This experience takes you to a spiritual track that I have yet to arrive.

The idea of the Trawler is to be on a boat with a sense of home and that it is! I love to cook and entertain and sleep on our boat. However, there is always, and I mean always a “boating adventure” lurking, and I do mean lurking in the wind. It’s like when I throw the last line onto the dock as we leave for our journey; I say “well, what brings the day?”

Each time to travel by water is something of a mix of pleasure and fear. The sun glistens upon the water, and the breathtaking beauty of the carved land on the waterways that looks as if it were painted there by the brush of an artist, and of course the sound of the winds and swish of each wave. All of these things and more are what is to be looked forward to on every trip. And then we have the numerous mechanical happenings along with mother nature who decides to turn on her heals perhaps to enlighten us as to who is still in charge !

When a thrashing thunder and lightning event of 65 knot winds has completed its point, a boater will say “wasn’t that Exciting? And I say, “Yes, if it were a movie, but to be there is a little unnerving.”

When I discuss my many underlying and outward fears with boaters, they all have the same basic reply….. Well that’s what makes a good boating story! On this we agree!