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We Are Not Always Related By Blood

We Are Not Always Related By Blood by Barbara Harbeson |

When I go to a card store it is usually a long and sometimes worthless process to pick a card for a member of my family. Perhaps you say that I should write my own, and I do. However, what makes a card stretch  the emotions of  the  majority of  people  and not be so for your own?   I believe it is more to the note of honesty. We like to give a message that says that our Mother is the reason we are alive and although this is true it was not necessarily always  favored reason. Then to the point of a siblings: there really arn’t any cards that expresses the real things that should be said between sisters like  You are a control freak, and game over . A card for a brother is special and should read  It would be wonderful if we were all as self contained as you, then I would not be sending you this card. I do believe there is truly a market for these kinds of sentiments, but people would rather not accept that they feel that way because it would not be nice. I think honesty is better. I also think that it would certainly get you closer or further from an obvious “not real” situation. Comments on this subject are welcome.