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Happy Father’s Experience

          When a man becomes a father it is a profound experience.   I know that this is true for women too but it is more of a  physical one.   Men realize their mortality through this event.  It is suddenly a reality that they exist and the child is proof.   I truly believe it changes their brains in a good way.  BJWrites

So,   I have given you this hypothesis and I know that you think “What”?

But please indulge me for a moment.    I have watched men who became  fathers  and believe me, they are transformed.  Some will convert this reality into fear and responsibility that will overwhelm them.  But for the men that I have known that are worthy of mentioning today,   they’ve grown  a new sense of themselves , who they are and what purpose they will serve in life.   Dad’s become gentle in a way that doesn’t seem normal at first but then they start to enjoy themselves that way.  Also, they become silly as the child grows allowing them to go to the child within, you know the one we put away when we grow up and go into the world.

But there is another feature to Dad.   He now must take on certain responsibilities in the life of this child and or his children.    First,   he must fix things that are sometimes not fixable.  Second, he must learn from someone who is not yet experienced in life, but has a perspective all their own   and it is the Dad’s challenge to try and understand this as they grow.   But most importantly, I think it is huge for the Dad to guide his child through the uncharted waters of life.    It seems that this last one ties into the nature of animals of many types.

Well, those are my thoughts and I believe that it is an honor to be a Dad.  There isn’t really a definition in the dictionary that describes what a Dad is other than a male parent;    however, I think this one works,

Hero:  man who does or is admired for, a courageous or noble deed.  BJWrites


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To Recognize or not to recognize

National Music Festival

Recently,  I attended the National Music Festival  in Chestertown  .  There are some perks to living in a small town.   Going into the building, I remarked to myself  that  I  could  recognize  everyone by name, and I literally mean everyone.  As the people passed by,  I would greet each with a smile and a hello.    It is that way here.   So when you go to a Doctor or a food store ( we only have the Acme ) or to the Ace  hardware  store, or perhaps church.  The other places are downtown at Fountain Park, or the post office , bank  you will recognize  the same people  again and again.

Sometimes,  It would be nice not to be recognized.  In fact, I like to go to places and wonder around and not have anyone recognize me.  Does this make me weird?    This way , things present themselves as new.   I  will  not know my reaction  to my  environment.   A clean experience , if you will.  BJWrites

This reminds me of a TV Show currently on Lifetime network called Drop Dead Diva . If you have Netflix you can also watch back episodes there if you’d like. Anyway, the show has a storyline of a young woman ( larger body type and very smart )  who dies and assumes the body of  a shallow but beautiful model.  It is a good concept and a good program because  the contrast of the two character become one  giving us, the audience the opportunity to see both sides.   I am not wishing for this scenario in my life!

I suppose this is why the social network is working.  People get to remain behind their  curtain  with opinions on the screen.   Identifiable only by screen name.  This is one way not to be known but still have a voice.  Can we remain true to our voices this way?  BJWrites







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Learning who you are is something important.    The actual person that I was to become stayed contained and only in my writings did I reflect through my growing years.

As they say “The mind is a wonderful thing” and just as a heart can grow an artery when needed, so can the mind create a new life through the imagination and perception of reality, even if the reality is not a pleasant one.   BJWrites

A good example of this would be Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress  The novel, written by Dai Sijie, is about two teenagers. Luo, “a genius for storytelling”,[1] and an unnamed narrator, “a fine musician”[2] are sent to be re-educated after the Chinese Cultural Revolution. They are sent to a mountain called “Phoenix of the Sky” near Tibet.   This   journey  in  their  lives  transform not only themselves but also everyone around them as well.

Lately,  I have  really  enjoyed  The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt,   (WOW) . This story held me captive.   And yet others   said   that it was difficult for them to read because the story was too dark. I could not put it down because I wanted to know where the author was going with the main character and the other characters had a grip on me as well.   Again, a transforming story and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

I truly loved to read and write and would skip meals and certainly all of the chores of my early years to have time to do either.   I recalled being told to “go to bed and, “no you cannot read” only to lie on the floor of my room by the light streaming from under the door with   The Diary of Anne Frank (disambiguation) .   This book alone made such an impact on my life and is a key piece to the puzzle for the personal survival of a difficult   childhood.

I’ve worked for companies that utilized my skill, I’ve volunteered and been blessed enough to give my time and words away always intend to do more than time allows.   Sometimes it was my outlet from stress, but most of the time it is simply a place for me to create.   Writing is the most rewarding thing I do.

I belong to The Chestertown Writers Group.   We express ourselves freely about our lives, our imaginations, and our hopes and dreams.   It is a wonderful group and this year we published a book together, A Potpourri: Of Prose and Poetry by The Chestertown Writers Group . This collection of work made me aware of how valuable it is to have like souls in your life.   This organization is at eighteen members and is actively seeking publication of their work. We are affiliated with the Kent County Library in Chestertown, Md.   We also participate in our local gallery of artisans, River Arts     I feel lucky to have this resource in my life and hope that I too prove of service to them.   There is one other group that is of great value to me and to the community and it is The Woman’s Literary Club of Chestertown, Maryland.   This   organization   promotes reading through donations for books, and time spent   with children who need support in reading.


From one person to another we can share our joys and sorrows though writing.   I have found that the relationship between me and the story can be told in many ways depending on perception.  And all relationships are of great value.   I look forward to my relationship with you, the reader.  Please feel free to comment as I enjoy hearing from you.    This can somehow allow us to change or accept ourselves and live our lives as intended, Happy~