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Nature Blessed

Geese  move  all in one, pointed wonders

reach  for the source.

River and streams   fed  from great waters

of the Chesapeake Bay,

We appreciate its bounty.

Large fields ,  growth  and remains,

Come and go, come and go.

Dear  raised  for  lifestyle living or dying,

They  too play  their  part.

Moon bright  glow, stars to accessorize

It gives us awe.

Nature  blessed , abundant but raw.

Renews us each season,

Simply done.

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Learning who you are is something important.    The actual person that I was to become stayed contained and only in my writings did I reflect through my growing years.

As they say “The mind is a wonderful thing” and just as a heart can grow an artery when needed, so can the mind create a new life through the imagination and perception of reality, even if the reality is not a pleasant one.   BJWrites

A good example of this would be Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress  The novel, written by Dai Sijie, is about two teenagers. Luo, “a genius for storytelling”,[1] and an unnamed narrator, “a fine musician”[2] are sent to be re-educated after the Chinese Cultural Revolution. They are sent to a mountain called “Phoenix of the Sky” near Tibet.   This   journey  in  their  lives  transform not only themselves but also everyone around them as well.

Lately,  I have  really  enjoyed  The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt,   (WOW) . This story held me captive.   And yet others   said   that it was difficult for them to read because the story was too dark. I could not put it down because I wanted to know where the author was going with the main character and the other characters had a grip on me as well.   Again, a transforming story and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

I truly loved to read and write and would skip meals and certainly all of the chores of my early years to have time to do either.   I recalled being told to “go to bed and, “no you cannot read” only to lie on the floor of my room by the light streaming from under the door with   The Diary of Anne Frank (disambiguation) .   This book alone made such an impact on my life and is a key piece to the puzzle for the personal survival of a difficult   childhood.

I’ve worked for companies that utilized my skill, I’ve volunteered and been blessed enough to give my time and words away always intend to do more than time allows.   Sometimes it was my outlet from stress, but most of the time it is simply a place for me to create.   Writing is the most rewarding thing I do.

I belong to The Chestertown Writers Group.   We express ourselves freely about our lives, our imaginations, and our hopes and dreams.   It is a wonderful group and this year we published a book together, A Potpourri: Of Prose and Poetry by The Chestertown Writers Group . This collection of work made me aware of how valuable it is to have like souls in your life.   This organization is at eighteen members and is actively seeking publication of their work. We are affiliated with the Kent County Library in Chestertown, Md.   We also participate in our local gallery of artisans, River Arts     I feel lucky to have this resource in my life and hope that I too prove of service to them.   There is one other group that is of great value to me and to the community and it is The Woman’s Literary Club of Chestertown, Maryland.   This   organization   promotes reading through donations for books, and time spent   with children who need support in reading.


From one person to another we can share our joys and sorrows though writing.   I have found that the relationship between me and the story can be told in many ways depending on perception.  And all relationships are of great value.   I look forward to my relationship with you, the reader.  Please feel free to comment as I enjoy hearing from you.    This can somehow allow us to change or accept ourselves and live our lives as intended, Happy~  





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Life in Joy and Joy in Life….

My life of late has shifted from the standard  time of a clock to that of an internal  means of keeping time.  Of course there are things that must be done at a certain hour of a certain day and so  I must maintain that structure to stay in sync with the world.    However,   I was feeling like a puppet on a string and that my relationship with Time needed to be calibrated  so that I could feel in charge of my life again.    This came about when we moved into this year of 2013.   From the start that I wanted to  stop  going forward in directions that gave away  any control over my time in my life.   Also,  I determined that I wanted to designate a label of Joy to this project  for the year.  So my word for the year is JOY.   Now I am  in the 3rd month of the year and this is  working out great.  My relationship with time has changed to  meet my new standard that requires  a joyful response to whatever I do.  Now if the  requirement is that I spend my time doing housework or  something mundane  then I must  place the emphases on the outcome  as I have traded my time  in for something  that will  give me Joy, such as the pleasure  I will get from my house being clean .     Learning to look at life from this new direction  has also provided  a less stressed feeling because my relationship with time is on an even keel  allowing me to  make  the choices necessary to get what I want out of life and not the opposite.   Please note that this is not always easy to do.   Choices  are difficult in life and if you must go see a someone you love who is sick or go to  the ceremony of someone who has died then  the choice is somewhat denied.   The key is to do something  joyful  to counter the negative nature of  that  occasion  and to put back a good energy  to draw from  in the future.  So,   for me  I can quilt, garden, cook  , call a friend  to talk about something important to them,  go see a movie,   do yoga , to name a few.    Otherwise ,   my spirit may  not use this time wisely  or  perhaps  it would waste  time on an emotion  that would carry me in to a sad place.     This sad place would  take some of my time from my life and I would not get it back.  This sad place would allow negative feelings  to take hold and go into other areas of my life eroding  any goodness.   So  I hope that you too can come to terms with your relationship of time as well.  Time can be a hard master and it can take your life from you   like a puzzle, piece by piece.   Give yourself something for every piece it takes from you and you will never feel cheated about all you must give.   I choose Joy.   Maybe you will too.

Wikipedia says:

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasantemotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.[1] A variety of biologicalpsychological,religious, and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Various research groups, including positive psychology, endeavor to apply the scientific method to answer questions about what “happiness” is, and how it might be attained.

Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion. Happiness in this sense was used to translate the Greek Eudaimonia, and is still used in virtue ethicsHappiness economics suggests that measures of public happiness should be used to supplement more traditional economic measures when evaluating the success of public policy.

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I’ve always been a fabricolic.  Even as a little girl, I would collect pieces of fabric to use for window curtains in a doll house or for some decoration or another.  When I married for the second time in my life, we consolidated clothing and in doing so I found myself the proud owner of my husband’s work shirts of days gone by.  They are not of current fashion, nor are they useful in size anymore, however the fabric be it striped, plaid or solid are still of some use.  So I placed them in a bag for a decision could be made later.  Now I am a quilter.  I just completed my first quilt and placed into our guild show.  The first had to be of a fine new fabric which I chose for their coordination with the colors in my home.  The shirt fabric still awaits me and I find the mind playing the blocks and pieces out to fit the next quilt that is designed by me.  I think that quilting works as a tool for things we need to mend in the heart and in the mind.  So many women and also men are quilters and all arrange their work in so many patterns that it seems as though we create by our minds but the labor is from the heart.    When a quilter chooses a kit or creates the design there is an apparent connection to the art of the matter.  I should say that we all look at these pieces of fabric from a different angle depending upon your mind’s eye.  I like to look for the creative side, as my husband will look for the design itself, others are attracted to the skill of sewing.  I have not been doing this craft very long and as I grow with the knowledge from those who come before me, I enjoy the feeling of knowing that the plan was there  a long time ago, and now all I need to do is put the pieces together!

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Music Essentials

Our relationship to music is one of the most interesting in life. We do not have a relationship with the person/persons who write, play or sing the music; however it can go directly to your soul and relate to experiences you know as your own. A little scary at times when you hear a few words and they become a mantra of something you believe is true. Does that not say that as humans, we are all from the same place more or less? It does with one exception: we do not all feel the same and emotions are broken into categories that may or may not apply. Something so simple can become complex when two people who love one another listen to the same song and one does not see the point of view of the other. Then you have a situation where the performers play for thousands and they all get it or most do as some are there for the experience and not the words. In fact, sometimes two will listen and one will hear the words and the other the music. A relationship with music is essential as  has proved over time those such as Beethoven, The Beatles and The Beasty Boys. It does not seem to matter much that each generation finds some equation in the current expression of song that will blend with his or her soul. For me coming from a wonderful era of music where musicians came out of the earth and sky to sing and play all types of music that became “the best” , and I do believe “the best” of Rock and Roll. Of course one can say that this is just like taking words and moving them around to make them fit your place and time and this would be true, but at any rate, they did it so well. I do not feel that we will see another generation of this caliber. Not to say that any generation to follow won’t have their own value, it just won’t match up to all of those who came before, in my opinion. Art and Music have a time and place. It can be replicated in different forms however the snowflake theory will apply. Only to say that each will have a particular individuality. I love this about life. That one individual can create something from their soul and that it can go out into the world and become a stranger’s favorite. I love when my son who composes ambient music shares his new creation or when you are watching a movie and you suddenly hear the words to a song when you are leaving the theater and must go home and research it because it fits with your emotions. Of course, as we grow through life, our feeling change and so the songs and the music we are attracted to and some will haunt us forever. That would be Jackson Brown and the Eagles for me. What is your relationship to music? Have you heard about Pandora Radio? 13 Your Song (Live)

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Thanks and Giving by Barbara Harbeson

Crisp Morning,


Golden Apple Sky,


The Day of gathering


Turkey and Pie


Wandering  through  Season


And then we halt


Lets give it a Reason


As should We alt


Give thanks for the Family,


And thanks for the Food,


Can’t forget the  Trees and the Air so good.


I’d like to thank for Water


And the Shoes upon my feet


Of course  we thank for People


Who make our lives complete


Flowers , Fruit and Pets


Without , we could not do


But don’t forget the Feeling


That gives  form and makes us True


Know that I am grateful


And very much Sincere


For this wonderful Abundance


And the Time to give thanks Here!