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The Process

The Process by Barbara Harbeson |

Wondering through life with many questions, I’ve come to realize that it is easier by far to accept and not question. However, understanding doesn’t come without a price.

The price usually equals the risk of knowing, or the size of the puzzle piece that will give us the answer we are seeking..

I know people who choose not to follow up on confusion. They just let it go. I on the other hand like to think that the process of understanding is what makes me human and more or less accepting.

Sometimes after a long search for a particular answer, the one that comes is incomplete, doesn’t make sense or not what we expect.

It seems that we as a society are becoming more and more process oriented, choosing to dig up the bones and analyze them. As we can see from our entertainment, we enjoy Crime Scene Investigation or CSI the number one program on evening TV. The media thrives on this aspect and feeds us all the crime stories one by one.

The insane part is how the human psyche adapts to levels of crime and the extraction of spiritual value from the equation. A total science of ingredients and DNA that will bring forth an answer that is needed to understand and to process such horrible acts…

Although relationships and death are as old as Greek plays, the media covers these stories much more competitively due to TV ratings and what would appear as our society’s insatiable appetite for crime.

We have more science to run through each particle and spit out an exact match for whatever, but are we any closer to understanding the process that causes feeling of jealously, hate or greed to a degree of taking human life?

I really don’t believe we are. I suppose that is the component that is truly missing. We cannot get our minds around a teenager shooting up his/her school, people killing their parents, pregnant women being dismembered and discarded with child, babies being thrown into dumpsters (dead or alive), children being drown by their mother. These are a few recent examples of human relationships that have ended in crime.

It would seem that no matter how hard we look at the evidence, we can only find the answer of whom but not WHY. Even if we find the answer to why, it doesn’t make sense. Or, is why the gristle of life that cannot be processed?