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a nice day

There is nothing like a spring day. I don’t know anyone who does not enjoy the fresh smell of the grass and flowers blooming. Yes, along with it we get allergies and this can make our life uncomfortable but the birds sing to us, and people are out and about with the zest of new reason. Our doors are flung open to receive all the goodness of air that has not come through a system. We even have the pleasure of storms and showers that leave the grass wet and the ground has been washed clean. Although this has been taking place forever, I find spring to be a welcomed guest that will only stay for a while and is so nice to have around. I love the part where I can hang out repotting plants or just walk without the buddle of cold weather clothes. I love when Easter arrives. Be it for religious reasons or just a beautiful way to celebrate it serves us well to paint eggs and recognize the wonder among us. I know that I must sound like someone who perhaps I took one too many meds today, but it truly is a wonder. Children bring this to light all the time. I think as we hurry to the food store or to throw another load of laundry in the washer, go pick up the car that was repaired for a ridiculous amount of money or then must put gas in it which will rock you to the core these days, it is necessary to balance this with what is truly a great gift and that would be “ A nice day “. Hope your having one!