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From a distance

 We watched as baby’s were brought into citizenship in Spain.

We had traveled to five ports already on the day that Ellie was born and I had checked our emails daily to get the updates from my son on Mom and the baby’s condition.   It was the kind emotion you wanted to share with everyone and so I did just that.  I told the ship attendants and dinner companions as well as people in the elevator.   The first child of your only son was coming into the world and so from a distance all you could do was wait for the next email.   The internet system aboard the ship does not work well as it works off a Satellite and can cut out on you regularly.  Finally, the email arrives announcing that she has entered the world.   A 5lbs 4 oz. baby girl who we already know as Ellie is here.  Now the email comes with pictures and I try so hard to get it to appear on the screen and yet due to the slow delivery of email it was not possible.  As we came into the beautiful Malaga port, I was not emotionally there, and was beginning to annoy myself as well as my spouse.  I had already thrown something down in frustration which is not my nature.  This would not be the way to handle this situation but I was very much in a mood that I could not shake.  I had gotten my little netbook and made sure that the plugs were correct and that all should be well for me to communicate on board but I however did not count on the internet not working properly.  Well, there was nothing that I could do about the internet and so, we called home.  My sons’ voice was full of joy. And, for this I was truly happy. The following day was our anniversary and I had intended to get my husband his gift from one of the countries that we were visiting but nothing that really appealed appeared so I refrained from any purchases for this special occasion of 12 years which was the reason for the long trip to Northern Europe and Spain, Malta, and Italy.   My husband mentioned that it would be special to do a tour of the bridge on the ship.  His attraction to boats and the sea is certainly being fulfilled as from any view are truly spectacular.  I went to the Guest Services desk to ask if a tour was possible.  I was told that they did not do tours but they would make a special request to see if maybe by invitation only it could be done.   Sparing myself the possible disappointment, I continued eating, drinking and being merry but did not feel that my spirit was with me.   Then yesterday, we went into the port of Cartagena, Spain.  It was told to us that it would be very hot and also that because it was Sunday that the shops would not be open.  So we headed out to see the city by foot.  First we came upon the Castle of Conception.  This dated back to the year 1000 when the Romans owned this country.  We wandered up and up through this stone building watching videos and looking at artifacts as well as lovely views from which they had to defend their country a long time ago.  Walking without destination we ended up finding the main area where a Roman Festival was taking place.  We parked ourselves at the street café and ordered some delicious beer which they served with nuts, olives and bread.  A plate of what we thought was onion rings went by and so we hailed the waiter to bring us that as well.  Only to note that it would be the most delicious calamari (squid) with lime.   Then we wandered down to the festivities where a celebration of citizenship for babies was taking place.  All of the people were dressed in costume and as I understand it will be for ten days.  The pinot (wine) is flowing and young, old, disabled, and children and of course many foreigners like us were there to enjoy.   I took many pictures of this occasion and we truly enjoyed the day.   At our return, I went directly to see if I was able to see my granddaughter’s picture yet.  Not yet, but in better spirits.

This  picture , I posted when I returned home.  It feels like pure joy to see that little face!