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Music Essentials

Our relationship to music is one of the most interesting in life. We do not have a relationship with the person/persons who write, play or sing the music; however it can go directly to your soul and relate to experiences you know as your own. A little scary at times when you hear a few words and they become a mantra of something you believe is true. Does that not say that as humans, we are all from the same place more or less? It does with one exception: we do not all feel the same and emotions are broken into categories that may or may not apply. Something so simple can become complex when two people who love one another listen to the same song and one does not see the point of view of the other. Then you have a situation where the performers play for thousands and they all get it or most do as some are there for the experience and not the words. In fact, sometimes two will listen and one will hear the words and the other the music. A relationship with music is essential as  has proved over time those such as Beethoven, The Beatles and The Beasty Boys. It does not seem to matter much that each generation finds some equation in the current expression of song that will blend with his or her soul. For me coming from a wonderful era of music where musicians came out of the earth and sky to sing and play all types of music that became “the best” , and I do believe “the best” of Rock and Roll. Of course one can say that this is just like taking words and moving them around to make them fit your place and time and this would be true, but at any rate, they did it so well. I do not feel that we will see another generation of this caliber. Not to say that any generation to follow won’t have their own value, it just won’t match up to all of those who came before, in my opinion. Art and Music have a time and place. It can be replicated in different forms however the snowflake theory will apply. Only to say that each will have a particular individuality. I love this about life. That one individual can create something from their soul and that it can go out into the world and become a stranger’s favorite. I love when my son who composes ambient music shares his new creation or when you are watching a movie and you suddenly hear the words to a song when you are leaving the theater and must go home and research it because it fits with your emotions. Of course, as we grow through life, our feeling change and so the songs and the music we are attracted to and some will haunt us forever. That would be Jackson Brown and the Eagles for me. What is your relationship to music? Have you heard about Pandora Radio? 13 Your Song (Live)