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Grace my Soul

I have come to you my friends to speak, to wonder and to grace the soul.   I speak of those we’ve known   who have lived among us, and have passed.   Lately, I find this subject compelling.  As we continue to go through the life,  the daily chores, struggles and of course many more happy moments (than we are ever aware)   keep us on track and  make up the sum of the whole.      At the moment that life bows to death, we are all connected.   Certainly these connections come and go freely in our lives and they never compare to other events that take place such as birth, weddings, illness or divorce.  Those events also bring on a shared emotion, but nothing can truly tap our depth and connective tissue as humans like death.   We all are vulnerable to this one.  The old saying of “Death and Taxes” can be spoken in   any language.   It is mostly a subject that people do not like to discuss.   Although I find that it has gotten easier to address the concept of our mortality.   In fact, a few weeks ago the subject was the topic of a dinner conversation.  There was a lighthearted discussion on a  preference of  this matter for those attending .  I like the “decide for yourself before you go” idea.  I have seen this one work nicely because only you know what your life meant.  So why not be there in spirit.  This brings to life the interactive part of not only what you meant to the people that loved you, but also, what you loved about your life.   Then there are the different thoughts on the hereafter and there are a few.  We as humans are so fortunate to be able to choose differently what we want to believe.  And the fact that we have over time come up with so many concepts for belief is a wonder to me.  Of course, you cannot expect everyone to agree with “to each his own”.     Whatever  as a choice does not cover the subject  because life  is too important,  and  it sets the tone for the lack of value.   Some will say that the “Angels of Heaven” arrive to carry you away, if you are so lucky.  Others believe that life goes on without you and that is that.  Then, we have the come back again in a new life, same spirit just continuing to journey.  We’ll, no sense in venturing as we get the drift.    The adventure of the body has always got some press.   King Tut and his ilk were comfortable in clean sheets and they had their own rooms unlike the most that go into the earth.   Cremation is becoming more popular however, it dates back further in time as an option than I realized.  For some, it is not acceptable!   Once we are past, it is hard to know, isn’t it?   Grace my soul with peace, and also, to all those who know from whence I speak.