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Let me pick your brain


Let me pick your brain.  Have you ever felt that your brain was picked over by life’s necessary tasks and that it was time for you to go into hibernation mode and perhaps a shopping spree or a football game will do?  Maybe you could just take a long drive through the countryside as an escape.  On the other hand, sleep can be a wonderful source of relief from the many stresses that are placed upon us each day.   Work, planning life choices, children, illnesses, and self-growth are some of the few things that can keep us up at night as we ponder answers to life’s biggest questions.

Sometimes it is a question that you haven’t thought of yet that gives you the most angst, as if it is a feeling of discontent until the answer comes.  The answer seems to present itself when the brain gets all the facts.  But the brain may not compute the answer without one vital piece of information that hasn’t arrived yet.  This information could be from an internal or external source.  We never know how or when it will arrive.   It could be months and it could arrive while showering or driving the cat to the vet.

The brain is so amazing!   Just the sheer thought of genius is a scary thing, or the athlete’s zone, a chess players view of life or an artist search for the perfect vibrant color choice.  The dark side is as seriously worth wondering about as well because for some it can change the direction of their life and those around them as well.   DNA plays an acute role in this process as does a parental role and the roles of those we meet in the early child years.  Why does the mind veer off in one direction or another when making a choice?

For me, dreaming plays a great part in helping to process some of the matter that life throws my way.   Also, through dreams the most brilliant or bizarre pieces of reality can reflect new insight and can determine a development that my conscious was unable to see.

Hobbies provide a wonderful way to focus on something positive. I remember  doing  arts and crafts in school.  It was a great time to let the mind wander to where it could create something  and I loved this time.  So why is it so difficult to find time in my adult years that can provide this pleasure? I suppose that the time gets clogged with the too much to do of life.   It is so neat the way each person is attracted to his or her interests be it music, art, collecting things, photography, quilting, cooking and it goes on and on.  Reading and movies are my favorite escapes.  A good story will always please.  Also  plays tell us a lot about human nature, and it is a shame that plays are not as useful  to us  as some   of the technical sources used now that do not deal with learning about ourselves as much as accomplishing a task .

There are so many answers and research to conclude the finally of this subject, however I think that I will read.

Enjoy it , whatever “ it” is that you like to do.