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If You Are So Inclined

If you are so inclined by Barbara Harbeson |

What makes us as humans so particular? That we should like things in our lives to meet a standard is not unusual. But, what we choose is something to be pondered. For example, I am peculiar about my blinds as the light in my home should be facing up and not down. The proverbial toilet paper roll should most definitely go forward as not to disturb the sequence of the event of getting it off the roll. And I do not believe that a teabag needs to be squeezed and when it is I react because the thought of the acid from the leaf going into my cup is upsetting to me . Weird, I know and this all sounds bazaar but don’t judge me yet. Each of us have a relationship with one’s surroundings and this relationship was most likely put into place when the person became the master of his/her own fate. Perhaps even influenced by one’s upbringing. I do not think myself strange because I like a small light on in a room at all times as I like the glow that it gives to the setting of that space. I also like to leave a window cracked in a room that has air conditioning. These things are simply frowned upon and considered wasteful. Fortunately, I get to decide what I like for myself, my rooms, my lighting, and it goes on from there. These are all things that require a relationship with self which, I believe to be the “most important relationship” you will ever have in this life. So IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED as to live your life a certain way, please do not let others intimidate you into thinking that their way is better that yours. Enjoy your relationship with yourself at all times.