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The Magic of Butterflies

My husband called me to the window for this one.   I told him that this  is why  the lavender is there.  The bees had a field day( no pun intended) this week also.   There is something so magical about these insects.  They bring us such joy and   it does not seem to affect them that we can stare for long moments and then try to capture  a picture for our future pleasure too.  Dancing along they do their  job which comes so effortlessly  and  so beautiful.   I think it has something to do with the blue, red , brown, yellow, purple , orange and   other  vibrant  colors and how the patterns on the little bodies  reflect  a natural art that can only be re-created.    Then  the fact that they flutter, as we like to say, moving continually and then not; leaning  toward the flower or bud of their intention to  begin  extraction  of  the juice for which it was made to order.  How can we ever be thankful enough for a creature that will carry this to another area just  so and carefully deposit it for the grace and goodness that we so eagerly enjoy each day.   It is a blessing to watch knowing they are only here for a while and then they will travel to their next post.  Take note , I say to myself !   This is not a video that can be played again.  And the wings smile at me and say,  “ I will travel this route  if you will  watch for me” ?   I respond .  “I  know  that I will”.   ~