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Isn’t it interesting that we as humans must plan this time in our lives?   I find it to be unusual that we need to exit our lives to get a break.  But, that is what we do, and thank goodness.  The Europeans pride themselves on a month in August.  We ,  Americans take a modest two weeks if we are lucky.  This could be  a combination  mostly  of  our nature of  feeling guilty for leaving our responsibilities too long and our system is not  so leisurely in allowing for that great of time off.   Then there are those who choose to vacate their lives by living in a  resort  area  so as  to mix the business with the pleasure.   One can also get a job on a cruise ship or   at Disney  or live in Key West and feel like they are getting a vacation during the life.  The best in my opinion is to get a job traveling.  It does put stress on the body as you must arrive at the destination required at the required time.  However, once your job is complete you can enjoy yourself and feel that you’ve visited somewhere outside the realm of your life.   A vacation  gives back whatever time  gets extracted from our normal routine allowing us to do whatever we want.   We have a vacation planned for this year.   I am truly looking forward to the time I will spend with myself and also my spouse.  Most days are blocked for maintenance  of  cleaning, cooking, car repair,  house repair,  and other valued chores and , responsibilities that zap strength and time.   If  a job,  caretaking, volunteering  or just the maintenance of life  pulls you into its undertow,  please take time to schedule a vacation.  This can be travel, a spa treatment,  a movie or dinner with a friend or  the necessary time to journal your feelings and unravel the internal thread of life.   For me,  I think the beach will do.